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The orientation and alignment of your child’s permanent teeth can be affected by genetics, pediatric tooth loss, and other environmental factors. This can sometimes cause the lower set of teeth to protrude unnaturally from the bite pattern, or cause the upper teeth to recede slightly backward.

This condition, which is known as malocclusion, could potentially cause dental fractures and dental attrition problems on multiple teeth. If it’s not corrected this could lead to even more significant dental health problems.

One effective way to address an a developing underbite is to have Dr. Rosendo Garza install traditional braces in their mouth. This includes small metal brackets, wires, and other orthodontic components that are married together into a function system capable of gradually improving the position and orientation of your child’s permanent teeth.

If your child is uncomfortable with the metallic appearance of traditional braces, Dr. Rosendo Garza might be able to apply a porcelain glaze when he installs the braces. It that can be shaded to match your natural tooth enamel making it harder for the casual observer to even notice the orthodontic hardware.

Your son or daughter will periodontally need to return to Dr. Rosendo Garza’s orthodontic clinic to have their braces tightened and adjusted. Each of these sessions will gradually move their teeth closer to their correct orientation.

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