Special Tools Can Help Keep Your Braces Clean and Your Teeth Healthy

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Braces hardware components are designed to be durable enough to handle most of the general work of chewing the foods you consume. While they will not be directly susceptible to tooth decay problems, the orthodontic elements can easily create areas that are hard to clean from regular brushing and flossing.

Poor oral hygiene in these areas can cause multiple cavities to form in key areas of the teeth. The treatment and complications caused by this level of tooth decay, could significantly increase the duration of time needed to achieve your ideal smile.

To better help you keep these areas clean of stray food particles and plaque buildup, the orthodontist at Golden West Dental Clinic’s Rialto, California clinic might recommend using some special oral hygiene tools. Most of the following are available in the oral care aisle of most stores.

Interdental brushes are very helpful for cleaning in and around braces hardware. They have small angled brush heads can help brush hard to reach places. They are especially handy for getting small food particles out bands and spacers.

Flossing around braces hardware can often be challenging. A special loop-shaped tool called a floss threader, loaded with waxed dental floss can help insert the strand into hard to reach places.

Dental water flossers like Waterpik® create a concentrated stream of water that can help clean food debris from the gum line and around braces hardware. Keep in mind that it is not an effective alternative for dental floss when it comes to cleaning matter from between teeth and the gum line. Instead, it’s best to think of a water flosser as a tooth brushing aid.

If you have concerns about how to clean in and around your new braces, you can always call 909-421-8787 to speak to a member of Dr. Rosendo Garza’s Rialto, California orthodontic staff.