The Fascinating History of Toothpaste

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You may not know just how toothpaste was invented and how much it has changed over centuries. Read today’s blog to find out the history of toothpaste over the years.

The origins of toothpaste dates back centuries, back to Egyptian times, around 5000 B.C., when people started using a paste to clean their teeth; this was even before toothbrushes were invented or dentists for that matter. Greeks and Romans used a kind of paste, and people in India and China, began using it around the year 500 B.C. Toothpaste of ancient origins were used like we use it now – to clean teeth and keep gums healthy.

Ingredients in ancient toothpaste are vastly different from what we use today, such as:

– Powder from ox hooves’ ashes and burnt eggshells that were combined with pumice for Egyptians
– Abrasive toothpaste, which was made from crushed bones and oyster shells, is what the Romans and Greeks used. The Romans also added flavoring, such as powdered charcoal and bark.
– Ginseng, herbal mints, and salts were also used, among other ingredients, as a paste for the Chinese.

It wasn’t until the 1800’s when early versions contained soap; and in the 1850’s, chalk was first implemented. Betel nut was first used in toothpaste in England, around the same time. In the 1860’s, ground charcoal was a home-made toothpaste mentioned in the encyclopedia. Prior to the 1850’s, toothpastes were normally made with powders. The Sheffield Dentifrice Company first introduced Créme Dentifrice, and was mass-produced in 1873, by Colgate, who used jars for the containers.

As you can see, the evolving ingredients in toothpaste has changed over the years, but still just as important for your oral health. At Golden West Dental Clinic, we would love to discuss oral hygiene, including the right toothpaste in Rialto, California. Call us at 909-421-8787 for an appointment with Dr. Rosendo Garza, our skilled dentist.