What Foods Should Be Avoided When I Have Braces?

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While braces work to give you a nice smile, they do require your watchful care to keep them safe. Unfortunately, there are no small number of foods that can ruin your braces if you eat them.

So what foods can cause this? For a broad look at it, anything that is sticky, hard or chewy might not bode well for your braces. Another thing to consider about some foods is whether you will have to really bite down into it, which will put your braces at risk.

For a more specific view, we can briefly mention a few. Some of the following foods are tasty, but you can probably avoid them without any ill health effects. As such, It is best to turn down things like hard candy, gum, caramel, pretzels and popcorn.

Unfortunately, braces restrict some foods that are healthier for you. Biting into rib meat, corn on the cob, apples, pears and carrots will not help your braces. However, there may yet be a way.

We do not recommend directly biting into them, but you could cut some of these healthier options into smaller pieces. When you do this, you can still enjoy them and protect your braces from any potential harm.

Now, these items are only a small sample. There are many more foods you need to watch out for when you have braces. Our dentist can explain these things in greater detail, so you can discuss things further with him about what foods you can and cannot eat.

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