Special Tools Can Help Keep Your Braces Clean and Your Teeth Healthy

Braces hardware components are designed to be durable enough to handle most of the general work of chewing the foods you consume. While they will not be directly susceptible to tooth decay problems, the orthodontic elements can easily create areas that are hard to clean from regular brushing and flossing. Poor oral hygiene in these… Read more »

Improve Your Smile with These Two Masterpiece Restorations

Are you looking to cover or conceal any damaged or broken teeth? Without the need for replacing the teeth, services such as dental crowns and dental veneers can be used to cover up any potential imperfections. Improve your smile with these two masterpiece restorations. One of the primary advantages of using dental crowns is the… Read more »

Want a Beautiful Smile? If So, Avoid the Habits and Products that Cause Discoloration

Unfortunately, tooth discoloration is extremely common, especially because there are multiple things that cause it. The best thing you can do to avoid a dull, yellow, or discolored smile is avoid the causes of tooth discoloration. To help you know a little more, Dr. and our dental team would be happy to tell you all… Read more »

How to Take Care of Your Appliance and Smile During Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. and our orthodontic team want you to have the best and most successful orthodontic experience possible. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to keep your braces and smile in tip-top shape while you align your teeth. This is important because it will help you stay on track toward the smile of your dreams. To help… Read more »

What is a Canker Sore?

If you are suffering from a canker sore, you probably know that they can be pretty painful, but do you ever wonder what a canker sore actually is, or what you may be able to do about them? As you may know, there isn’t a treatment for canker sores, but there are many different things… Read more »

The Best Ways to Dull Your Tooth Sensitivity

Are you bothered by tooth sensitivity? If so, it’s time to visit your dentist, Dr. . Visiting can help you determine the underlying cause and can also help you find the right treatment that can improve your situation. Oftentimes, your dentist will recommend the following treatments: –Taking advantage of a professional fluoride treatment: Fluoride is the… Read more »

Tips for Taking Care of a Canker Sore

Canker sores are inconvenient, troublesome, and uncomfortable, as you probably already know, and sometimes it’s tough to find the comfort and relief you need. However, our dental team has some tips and tricks that can help you make the canker sore pain disappear. Those are: Old-Fashioned remedies –Ice the area: Head over to your freezer… Read more »

You Should Never Procrastinate Having a Chipped Tooth Repaired

Chipped tooth enamel can occur from any number of different sources. Things like using your teeth as tools, crunching on ice, and grinding your teeth at night are just some of the more common causes of chipped teeth. Even if a chip doesn’t cause pain or heightened sensitivity, you should still not procrastinate having it… Read more »

How to Rid Bad Breath When You Have Braces

Bad breath is annoying, especially when you have braces, but it can happen if you aren’t careful with your oral hygiene routine. To help you eliminate bad breath when you’re aligning your smile, our dental team encourages you to do the following things: -Brush your teeth: Because food tends to cling to the appliance, it’s… Read more »

Don’t Suffer Needlessly with TMJ, There Is Help

If you have been suffering from problems with your jaw and the muscles in your face that control it, you may have what is known as temporomandibular disorders–or TMD/TMJ. And if that is the case, our team in , is here to help. TMD/TMJ are a group of conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in… Read more »